Booze | March 31, 2021 6:00 am

This Bourbon Brand Wants to Give You $100K to Be Its Fist Model

Fistful of Bourbon launched a nationwide campaign to find a paid "Spokesfist"

Fistful of Bourbon brand ambassador Anthony Bohlinger with a bottle of his brand's whiskey
No pretty face required: You and your fist could earn $100K touting this bourbon.
Fistful of Bourbon

“You know, you could be a model.” Usually a terrible thing to say at any point, but especially after drinking whiskey.

Fistful of Bourbon would disagree. The relatively new and affordable whiskey brand from William Grant & Sons just launched a new campaign, The Search for the $100,000 Fist. It’s a nationwide casting call to find the brand’s “Spokesfist,” which will see one person (well, their fist) appear in future ad campaigns, while the fist’s owner gets $100,000. Applications run from now through April 13.

It’s not really a surprise that this American whiskey brand is nodding toward the western genre. Take its name: A play on the 1964 Sergio Leone western A Fistful of Dollars with Clint Eastwood. And the whiskey itself is made from five straight bourbons, which is literally a fistful. Plus, brand ambassador Anthony Bohlinger (aka Fistful of Terry) has made Fistful’s social media into quite a fun account, where he parodies car commercials and performs parody songs.

“We don’t give a damn about no résumé or where you see yourself in five years, all we care about is your fist and what you can do with it,” says Bohlinger in a video message. Besides photos of your fist, you may want to incorporate the Fistful bottle or a cocktail into your entry. Plus, there are short video and writing elements for the application — it’s really about “enthusiasm and creativity” (and obviously creating brand awareness).

In our review last summer, I called Fistful “more complex than your average youthful bourbon, although I’d love to see what this five-part marriage is like with a few more years. Given its ridiculously affordable price point, I’d suggest FOB as a good starter bourbon for your home bar, as it feels versatile and bold enough to anchor your cocktails.”