World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant Set To Open This Spring

The restaurant is five meters below the surface of the North Sea.

underwater restaurant
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Moment Editorial/Getty Images

Europe’s first underwater restaurant is almost complete. Located five meters below the surface of the North Sea, near the southernmost tip of Norway, at 110-feet long it is the world’s largest underwater restaurant. The structure was submerged in July 2018. The restaurant, called Under, is set to open in spring 2019.

When finished, the structure will accommodate about 100 guests set over three levels, with a total internal area of about 5,300 square feet. Visitors will have unique underwater views of the surrounding marine environment thanks to a 36-foot-wide panoramic window.

Under is made of reinforced concrete so that it will withstand harsh conditions.

“When the client came to us, they had already done some sketches on another site close to current one, but we convinced them to build a few hundred meters away, where the sea is actually rougher. We thought this would better capture the nature of the area and I think that’s also what makes this more spectacular compared to other underwater restaurants in the world, as they are in very controlled areas,” said Rune Grasdal, a senior architect at Snøhetta, the company who designed the building, said in a phone interview with CNN. 

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