100 Years of Women’s Swimwear, in Body Paint

The ‘80s look way better than you remember, trust

July 29, 2016 9:00 am

Bodypaint can go one of the three ways:

The good (Lindsey Vonn in SI’s sLindsey Vonn in SI‘swimsuit issue), the bad (David Puddy in Seinfeld) and the weird (100 randos in NYC).

File this one under Column A.

Presenting 100 Years of Swimsuits in Body Paint, a new video project from YouTube channel Mode showcasing exactly what you think it does, from full-body suits to bikinis to Baywatch-era one-pieces. (For the non-body paint version, see here.)

If the trend depicted herein is any indication, the paint maybe be optional a couple decades from now.

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