Some Lucky Sumbitch Accidentally Adopted the Pet Wolf We Always Wanted

Hope he's got a good leash

October 12, 2016 9:00 am

Confession: since first seeing Snake Eyes using his pet wolf Timber to disrupt Cobra operations and impress the ladies on G.I. Joe, your humble correspondent has wanted one. (The wolf, I mean. But also ladies.) That Snake Eyes is a fictional ninja who was created to sell action figures to kids with dreams of roundhouse kicks and having a Mary Jane of their own was, and is, irrelevant to this matter.

This is about having a pet wolf. It’s the dream of all dreams. And an Arizona man just realized it, if by accident.

After noticing a “Free puppy” sign out front of a house in Tucson, an unidentified college student went in to ask about the young animal. Inside, he found a dog named Neo with amber eyes and alert ears.

Or so he thought.

In the days and weeks after he arrived at his new home, Neo routinely escaped so he could go play with the dogs that lived next door, but showed no interest in the neighbors or their treats. This led to the frustrated neighbors eventually bringing Neo to a shelter at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, where someone realized he was actually a “high content” wolfdog and that his behavior was demonstrative of how desperate he was to find his pack.

In order to make that happen, Neo’s owner consented to send him to Wolf Connection, a rescue center and sanctuary in California built ot handle cases like this.

Although he was isolated on his first night at the sanctuary, Neo escaped a solitary confinement area and found the pack just in time to join in the “nightly howl” that occurs on a daily basis.

“He didn’t wait to see where he fit in with the pack,” ex-Humane Society of Southern Arizona CEO Maureen O’Nell told The Dodo. “He knew he belonged.”

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to steal at some point.

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