This Winter Gear Is Made With Plastic Water Bottles

Don't forget to recycle your water bottle.

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One million plastic water bottles are sold every minute across the world. Only a tiny fraction (just 7%) are made into new bottles. Companies like Aday and The North Face are creating clothing out of bottles to help combat the massive waste.

A jacket created by Aday uses 41 reconstituted water bottles, joining a club of other brands who have eco-friendly outerwear that incorporated the use of plastic bottles. The new North Face ThermoBall Eco jacket is made from recycled polyester and is insulated with material created from five plastic bottles.

“Sustainable business practices are a part of our DNA,” Tim Bantle, general manager for The North Face’s urban exploration and mountain lifestyle divisions, told Fast Company.

Arvin Goods, a Seattle-based company, is working  hard to create basics like socks and underwear from materials you can recycle. Recently they launched a new beanie made from Polylana. Polyana is an alternative to 100% acrylic thread. This new thread uses less energy and water to create, resulting in 76% less total waste.

Many companies are partnering to share resources, even if the brand isn’t upscale or particularly environmentally conscious. The innovations bring hope to the massive issue of plastics pollution.

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