What is the Richest Zip Code in America?

No, it is not 90210.

fisher island
Fisher Island aerial view. (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Fisher Island, located just off the coast of Miami, is accessible only by ferry or water taxi and is home to America’s richest zip code. The 216-acre island has residents representing over 50 nationalities with professions ranging from professional athletes and supermodels to executives and lawyers. Fisher Island, with the zip code 33109, had an average income of $2.5 million in 2015, according to Bloomberg, which is $1 million more than the second-place spot, held by zip code 94027 in Silicon Valley, which is home to Facebook and various tech companies. Fisher Island is the only zip code in the Bloomberg analysis where more than half of all tax returns showed an income of over $200,000.

America’s other richest zip codes mostly fall in neighborhoods in California and the New York tristate area. States with favorable tax structures like Florida and Wyoming are also drawing the wealthy. None of Manhattan made the top 20 richest zip codes, but they are in the top 50. Zip code 10005 is at No. 21 on the list, and is home to the New York Stock Exchange and sits on the edge of the iconic “Charging Bull” sculpture. Suburbs of Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston also landed in the highest spots.

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