Drone Delivers Sushi to Surfer, Who Eats on the Water

Careful buddy. That looks a lot like bait.

By The Editors
May 23, 2017 9:00 am

If we were to hear a board-shorted surfer say he’d watched one of his contemporaries “chop a roll while getting barreled,” we’d assume it was some cool techinical trick we’d never heard of.

And, it turns out, we’d be right.

During an ad spot most definitely been dreamed up by someone who’s passionate about drones, sushi and sea sport, surfer Pedro Boonman gets an assortment of rolls from Portugal’s Home Sweet Sushi delivered to him by a quadcopter while he’s in the water between runs. Chopsticks in hand, he commences to eat a roll while on his board in the midst of a wave curl.

It’s unclear what exactly Boonman was eating in the wave, but our best guess is a California roll.

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