Val Kilmer Is Officially Coming Back as Iceman for “Top Gun” Sequel

"Top Gun: Maverick" comes out July 12, 2019.

Iceman is coming back. Val Kilmer has announced that he is officially coming back to reclaim his role in Top Gun: Maverick. 


Kilmer wrote on his Facebook page that he is “officially in the sequel to TOPGUN. I so looking forward to working with Tom, Joe and Jerry, all such unique pros.” One fan responded, saying she’s not paying full ticket price “to see this movie if you’re not recreating the volleyball scene in shorty shorts.” Kilmer replied to her, saying, “I can’t comment on the screenplay but we all know what we want to see!”

Though it has been assumed that Kilmer was coming back for the sequel, this is the first confirmation we’ve had from him that the old gang is getting back together.

Kilmer recently opened up about his battle with throat cancer after denying reports for a number of years. He is now cancer-free, but the surgeries on his throat have taken a toll on the actor’s voice and his tongue, reports Maxim. Jones said that Kilmer’s voice had dramatically improved since the last time they had talked.

We’ll learn more about Iceman and Maverick’s future relationship (are they friends now? Still enemies? Frenemies?) on June 12, 2019.

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