Uber Is Expanding Into the Party Bus Business

A new feature is coming this summer

Party bus
Ridesharing, but make it a party.
Tradalj, CC BY-SA 2.5

It turns out that “Uber, but for party buses” is just Uber.

That’s one of the big takeaways from a new announcement from the rideshare company in question, in which they debuted a host of new features ranging from travel assistance to food delivery. There are also a few indications that Uber is further expanding its membership-oriented offerings, including allowing people the ability to buy vouchers for other people’s travel and an expanded selection of partners for its Uber One program.

There’s also the news of a program called Uber Charter, designed for people looking for larger-than-expected vehicles to convey large groups from one location to another. Uber’s website offers examples of destinations like “a wedding, a wine tasting, or a work event” — so we’re entering party bus territory here.

The official release also mentions passenger vans and coach buses, though it’s arguable whether the difference between those and a party bus is essentially a state of mind. Opinions are also likely to differ as to whether or not the party bus industry is really one that was in need of “disruption,” and yet here we are.

Uber’s announcement states that this new feature will debut sometime this summer. For now, users will be able to sign up to be notified when they can travel from place to place in a ridesharing party bus. Technology: sometimes it’s weird in surprising new ways.

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