Trump Hotel Reviews on Yelp Now Flooded With a Certain Expletive

Hundreds of one-star reviews have taken over the Yelp page of the Trump International Hotel.

Trump Hotel Reviews on Yelp Now Flooded With a Certain Expletive
Carlos Romero

Over the past week, hundreds of one-star reviews have flooded the Yelp page for the Trump International Hotel in Washington. The posts also describe the establishment as a “shithole.” Similar reviews have popped up on the pages of the Trump hotels in New York, Las Vegas, Waikiki, Chicago and at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. The average Yelp ratings for the Trump hotel in Washington have also taken a hit. Last week, the average Yelp rating for the Trump International Hotel in Washington was four out of five stars. But now, that score is down to only two stars.

“Total Sh-thole!” a reviewer identified as Delton M., from Los Angeles, wrote about the Trump hotel in Washington, according to The Washington Post. “TV only played Russia Today & Fox ‘News’. The staff only spoke to white people.”

“The tower is constructed brick by brick by sweaty, burdensome immigrants from s hole countries,” another reviewer wrote about the New York Trump hotel. And a different reviewer wrote about Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, saying, “Wow, this resort is a complete sh‑‑thole. The management seems to despise anyone who isn’t white. They were particularly nice to the Norwegians and Russians. But any time a person of color entered the building, the staff told them to ‘go back to your sh‑‑hole country’!”

The continuous stream of negative comments has been the removal process of any fake comments difficult for Yelp. According to The Post, the Trump International Hotel in Washington page still had more than 215 reviews mentioning the word “shithole” or “shit hole” on Thursday morning.

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