Trump Campaign Launches Website to Spark Holiday Political Arguments

Who doesn’t enjoy shouting about politics at family gatherings?

Trump campaign website
A new Trump campaign website offers numerous ways to make holiday political arguments even shoutier.
Donald Trump Presidential Campaign

For many people, the prospect of heated political debates over the holiday dinner table with their relatives is a source of dread as the month of December winds down. There’s nothing quite like shouting at members of your family, especially when wine and large quantities of meat are involved to sour you on holiday traditions, notions of family and a feeling of togetherness.

As the country is less than a year from its next Presidential election, the likelihood of political debates and arguments at family gatherings is high. And at least one campaign for office has taken the initiative to make holiday dinners that much more contentious this year.

CBS News reports that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has launched a website dedicated to helping conservative supporters of the president win any political arguments that they might find themselves in this holiday season. 

The website, aptly named, gives Trump allies pointers for talking about a range of issues — from the economy, to the border wall, to socialism. Instead of avoiding political discussions over the holidays, as some articles suggest, the campaign says it’s showing people how to win them.

Sounds like just the thing to help ease intra-family political tensions over the holidays.

The website in question abounds with talking points on everything from the economy to the environment to impeachment. As of the writing of this report, there were more than a few typos found throughout it, including random capitalization of words and selective use of all caps. The CBS News article also notes that the statistics cited on the website may not be entirely accurate. 

Perhaps you’ll be able to bond with your family over the relative surrealism of this particular website, especially when compared with campaign websites of the past. Or perhaps this is one holiday season where the familial political arguments will be uglier than ever before. 

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