Tracee Ellis Ross’s Sexual Harassment Handbook Is Required Reading

‘Handsy Man’ is a new children’s book — for grown men

December 6, 2017 9:00 am

In the wake of just about everything right now, but especially on the heels of Time announcing The Silence Breakers as Person of the Year, one thing is clear:

The onus to stop sexual misconduct and serial predation does not fall to women.

It’s on us men.

So comedian Tracee Ellis Ross took the opportunity of filling in for Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night to give us all a crash course in sexual harassment. The Black-ish star channeled her inner Dr. Seuss and read from her new “children’s book for men,” The Handsy Man.

“It isn’t a sex scandal, it isn’t a Hollywood scandal, it isn’t even a scandal,” Ross begins. “It is a systemic problem about the abuse of power that takes place across all industries.” She then went on and read from the book, citing passages like:

You may not compliment my butt,
You may not call me “ho” or “slut,”
And even if you’re stoned or drunk,
do not expose me to your junk

The real takeaway is in the last verse:

So Handsy Man, if you’re still confused
whether your behavior will be excused
I’ll say it clearly, nice and slow
If she doesn’t consent — the answer is NO

Take a gander at the full clip above. And don’t hesitate to show it your male children, friends or dirty uncles who simply “grew up in a different time.” Seriously.

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