This New Netflix Series Provides a Mesmerizing Look At the Mind of A Killer

The show proves our morbid obsession with murderers.


Netflix’s latest true-crime docuseries I Am A Killer offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the minds of homicidal psychopaths. The first episode shows the producers sitting down with James Robertson, an inmate in a Florida correctional facility. He has spent most of his life on prison, and is now on death row for murdering his cellmate. At first, you forget that you are listening to a murderer, as Robertson talks about his childhood, descent into crime and his incarceration. But then, the producers ask him about the murder.

Robertson mulls it over and then discusses the confidence he had in himself to overpower his victim, and he is very matter-of-fact about how quickly he took to kill, writes The Daily Beast. After some thought, he settles on “Four minutes, maybe.”

“I don’t feel bad about it,” Robertson adds. The Daily Beast writes that he then asks the producers, “You think that’s really something, don’t you?”

I Am A Killer has convicted murderers, most of them on death row in states with the death penalty, share their versions of the killings in question, and then prosecutors, attorneys, law enforcement officials, and friends and family also giving their thoughts on the event. Ultimately, the show proves that we are morbidly fascinated with homicide.

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