This Latest Dog-Like Robot Can Actually ‘Fetch’

July 4, 2016 5:00 am

While it’s easy for robots to grab headlines, there are few that are suited for mass consumption. Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini could be one of them. It’s smaller than the previous model (a.k.a. Spot), about the height and weight of a golden retriever. But it’s much more capable. The most obvious way? It has an “arm,” which can extend and grab objects before folding up to rest on its body. Using its updated sensors and arm, SpotMini can perform simple automated tasks like putting the dishes away. The robot is quieter and more agile than its predecessor, too, so it can navigate a home’s twists and turns more easily. And like its cousin Atlas, SpotMini can get up on its own after falling over. To learn more about Boston Dynamics’ latest toy, watch the video below.

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