One Place Size Doesn’t Matter? This -150°-Rated Ski Lodge.

Crafting room included, hot tub optional

October 11, 2016 9:00 am

Don’t let the picture fool you.

It might show the Tiny Ski Lodge in fair weather, but this is actually a well-insulated monster of a tiny home designed to keep its inhabitants comfortable in temperatures as low as minus 50-150° F. (This is thanks to ridiculously special insulated panels.)

That insulation makes it perfect for the intended residents: ski lovers who want cheap, mobile digs with enough space to sleep, eat, and — perhaps not as intuitively — craft: an upstairs section of the home is set aside for crafting and sewing.

This particular mobile ski lodge is the property of a Park City-based ER doctor and his wife, a former pro kayaker/Latin teacher. It’s built on a triple-axle trailer (which permits the mobility) and takes up just 277 square feet — not including the upper-level deck, accessible by exterior stairs. Electricity is easy: it’s piped in via an RV hook-up.

This particular mobile home (though more home than mobile, judging from those rather non-aerodynamic-looking images) was a custom job. Here’s to future DIY architects, building tiny homes suited to their own leisure pursuits. We’re waiting for the one made of nothing but four walls and 1,000 places to nap. 

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