These Gamer Girls Are Behind A New Super Mario #Bowsette Cosplay Trend

Nintendo fans have turned Mario's arch nemesis into a viral cosplay fashion trend.

super mario bros

While most people who are familiar with the Super Mario franchise know about the evil Bowser, few probably think about what would happen if the character was a more feminine creature named Bowsette.

However, Nitendo fans have turned the slightly odd idea into a viral cosplay fashion trend, according to Maxim. 

According to Maxim, the “Bowsette” saga’s shallow roots start in a new Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe trailer that was unveiled during September’s Nintendo Direct presentation. Viewers noticed that the upcoming Nintendo Switch title featured a new character named “Toadette.” This character can become the even more powerful “Peachette” once it gets a power-up dubbed the Super Crown.

It is unclear what happens when Bowser gets the Super Crown, but fans have done their best to embody a Bowser-Peach mashup.

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