A College Student Just Invented the World’s Most Opulent Skateboard

Do you own a tuxedo and kneepads? We've got something for you.

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

I must have done college wrong.

A selected reading of my class schedule, in review: Data Visualization, Quantitative Methodology in Social Sciences and the oh-so enticing Public Sector Microeconomics. Classes so fun they could put a speed freak to sleep.

Meanwhile, over at the University of Seoul, Geun Park is making an electric skateboard that’d make Marty McFly green with envy.

For his graduation project, the student designed this slick e-board meant to channel the aesthetics of legendary watchmaker TAG Heuer. The board is both industrial but elegant, composed of matte black carbon fiber with rose gold hardware and detail work.

It features a smooth, regenerative braking system and is controlled via an intuitive remote control with an LED interface, which fits nicely into the board when not in use. And Park wasn’t messing around either: this thing can scoot.

The prototype can reach speeds upwards of 60 MPH, with a range of 35 miles in between charges. At that speed, though, if you don’t break your hip first, you’re bound to bust up the handsome design.

Take it from this daredevil.

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