The First Rule of Underground T-Rex Fight Club Is…

... tell literally everyone about Underground T-Rex Fight Club

September 16, 2016 9:00 am

What happens when you combine kaiju, Fight Club and Mad Max?

You get underground T-Rex battles. Which is a real thing.

After seeing this video posted today — where the impressed writer at Geekologie asked “Does anyone have more information?” — we did a bit of digging.

Turns out it’s a clip from The Mystikal Misfits, an arts collective and the self-proclaimed “winners of Burning Man 15 years running.” Which is odd, since the group claims to have started in 2004 (apparently basic arithmetic was not an official event).

The video, and a few others we found (see below), come from this year’s edition of the Thing in the Desert.

If you ever wanted to see dudes in inflatable T-Rex outfits wail on each other as Fugazi and Nine Inch Nails scream from the loudspeakers and what appear to be GWAR extras egg them on in a pretty damn solid replica of Thunderdome … well, of course you wanted to see that. And now you have it.

Hot dino-on-dino action, indeed.

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