Stephen Colbert Mocks Melania Trump’s Public Absence

Until last night, the First Lady hadn't been seen in public for more than 3 weeks.

Stephen Colbert mocks Melania Trump's absence. (CBS/YouTube)
Stephen Colbert mocks Melania Trump's absence. (CBS/YouTube)

Comedian Stephen Colbert returned from a weeklong vacation with plenty to catch up on in the news cycle—including First Lady Melania Trump’s continued absence from public activity.

“As of the time we are taping this show right now, the first lady has not been seen in public for 25 days,” Colbert said. “I’m not surprised. It took that Shawshank guy years to tunnel out.”

Colbert went on to say he “certainly hopes” that Trump is fine after undergoing surgery for a “benign kidney condition” last month, but jabbed the president for the way she was welcomed home.

“Trump even welcomed her back in a tweet in which he accidentally called her ‘Melanie,’” Colbert cracked, which actually happened. “Awkward.”

A statement posted to Melania’s official Twitter account a few days ago asserts that she is “feeling great” at the White House with her family. She made a very brief appearance at an event honoring military spouses last night.

Take a look at the clip below.

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