Meet Stan, the Robot Valet That Parks Your Car at a Paris Airport

Travelers can leave their car at a booth that springs to life and parks it, autonomously.

May 28, 2017 5:00 am

Stanley Robotics wants to take the pain out of the airport drop-off experience. And thanks to modern technology, they may just have landed on the solution.

At France’s Paris–Charles de Gaulle Airport, travelers can roll right into a designated garage-like area, where they simply scan and validate their plane ticket at an automated kiosk, pay, and leave. The garage is spacious and well-lit, so it’s not like you’re exposing your car to the elements on a rooftop parking garage.

Meet Stan, the Robot Valet Who Parks Your Car for You at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport
(Stanley Robotics)

After the drop-off, the magic happens. A robot named Stan—who sort of looks like a cross between a printer-scanner and a forklift—shows up outside the garage door, opens it, and valet parks your car by itself. With a state-of-the-art system, it literally picks up your car and wheels it to a designated parking spot, where it effortlessly parks it.

The best thing? Given that you swiped your ticket, Stan will know when you’ll be back for your ride, so he’ll be able to fetch it for you when you get home.

Watch a simple how-to video of Stan working his magic below.

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