Someone Found a Lost Gold Ring On A Carrot

The ring had been buried in a vegetable garden for 12 years.


What are the chances? Lin Keitch, 69, from the United Kingdom, lost a gold ring 12 years ago. But when she was washing her home-grown vegetables for dinner the other night, she found the ring, which had been a 40th birthday present from her husband, Dave, wrapped around a carrot.

The carrot appeared to have grown through the ring, which was lost by the couple’s daughter. Keitch said that it was a “chance in a million” discovery. Dave had dug up the carrots for dinner and left them outside. The amethyst stone was still in the middle of the ring. Dave told BBC that he had looked for the ring regularly over the 12 years.

“She doesn’t know whether to give it back to the daughter in case she loses it again, or keep it herself,” Dave said of his wife.

Social media had a good time with the news.

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