The for Ski Bums Is Here to Accelerate Your Mid-Life Crisis

‘Honey, I've got an idea. Hear me out.’

September 25, 2017 9:00 am

Ski bum is, for some, a job title that ranks at the top of the employment food chain.

But it’s not likely one that is going to be appearing on your LinkedIn feed anytime soon.

That’s why, in order to connect prospective bums with a potential resort gig, Gard Skinner, the former publisher of Mountain Resort Magazine, created, a job-searching website totally dedicated to servicing mountain-town employers and job seekers.

Sortable by variables such as job category, employment type and location, SkiResortJobs is already stocked with opportunities like morning snow reporter, lift attendant and bartender.

The site is still in its bunny-hill stage, so there’s lots of room for development, but Skinner is hopeful his site will eventually offer industry pros the same sort of employment information that’s available to workers in other slightly niche industries like nursing, journalism and aviation.

“Maybe we reach out to a wider base to educate them on the outstanding opportunities and incomparable lifestyle we all fell in love with,” Skinner told Adventure Journal. “If I was still a ski bum but making a life, I’d want a job alert every week that told me exactly what had opened and where. Even if I had a good job at the time, it’d be important to know.”

Grab your toboggan hat and get searching.

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