Just Some Gorgeous Women, Skiing

8 of the world's most beautiful skiing women

By The Editors
January 21, 2015 9:00 am

A truly beautiful ski bunny is like the elusive Yeti.

You’ve heard they exist. You know they’re out there. But where?

Right here:

Ski Bunnies: A Very Important Guide to the Women of Winter, available for your viewing pleasure now. 

For your perusal: a history of women chowing pow, plus pics of the lovely and talented lady skiers of today.

Before you dip in, a brief clarification on the definition of ski bunny.

A true bunny is as graceful on the slopes as she is beautiful in the gear.

Because to be beautiful mid-schuss is a wonder of profundity, indeed.

So take a look.

But do it quickly.

Because it’s not every day you’ll spot this on the slopes.

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