Robert De Niro Blames Donald Trump For Inspiring Mail Bomb

Actor who portrays Mueller on "SNL" slams the president: “There’s something wrong with him mentally.”

De Niro
A package that resembled mail sent to Democrats containing pipe bombs was addressed to Robert De Niro. (Andrew Toth/Getty Images for DIRECTTV)
Getty Images for DIRECTTV

Acting legend Robert De Niro opened up to The New Yorker about the recent mail bomb sent to his office — and the Oscar winner lobbed an explosive allegation towards President Trump.

The package was one of many sent to several critics of the president and prominent Democrats, allegedly by a Trump supporter.

“There’s so many crazy people.” De Niro told the magazine. “The state of the country is so terrible now, with a person who has set such a bad example of bad behavior,” the actor spoke of President Trump. “I’m waiting for the bad dream to end. So what are you gonna do? What am I gonna do?” he added.

De Niro was at home working out on October 25 when he got news of the suspicious package delivered to his Tribeca Film Center corner office.

The actor places blame squarely on Donald Trump: “I think on a subconscious or subliminal level, and many other levels, it gives the O.K. to other people who are maybe more on the verge of thinking, or fantasizing, that he’s somehow given the O.K. to do that.”

“I used to think, Well, maybe once he becomes President, he’ll maybe… he’ll come around. But then he’s been worse than I ever could think. ’Cause he has no plan. He has no center whatsoever.” De Niro argued. “He even gives gangsters a bad name. ’Cause a gangster will give you his word and will pride himself—or herself. He doesn’t even understand that kind of logic. He thinks he’s slick and all that. There’s something wrong with him mentally.”

When The New Yorker was interested in the comparison between Trump and a “slick mobster guy” of the type the actor is famous for portraying on screen,  De Niro retorted: “Well, he thinks he’s a mobster. He’s a mutt.”

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