Rob Gronkowski Was Peak Rob Gronkowski on $100,000 Pyramid

Gronk gave the best performance of his life as Joey Tribbiani on the game show

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski played the worst game of his life on Sunday. (Jim Rogash/ Getty)
Getty Images

Three-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski was really good at football. Gameshows, however, not so much.

The former tight end appeared on $100,000 Pyramid and was quickly panned by social media as possibly the worst competitor the show has ever had — which was easily readable all over the face of his obviously annoyed on-air partner.

Gronk appeared on Pyramid with his former teammate Julian Edelman to try and help others win a sizable payday but failed miserably. He missed clues ranging from “the sprinting African animal with the spots,”  to which he replied, “tiger”, according to Decider, to “animals with humps on their back,” which garnered a response of “canoe” from the former Pro-Bowler.

When given the clue “the continent where the Nile runs,” Gronk excitedly yelled out “Egypt!” as his answer to “the continent where the Nile runs,”

We can’t say for sure if Gronk will stick to his retirement from football, but we hope this isn’t his last appearance as the celebrity no one wants to be paired with on Pyramid.

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