Rare Gold-Plated Hasselblad Camera for Sale

June 21, 2016 2:30 pm

For its 50th anniversary, Hasselblad, the premier medium-format camera manufacturer, released 500 503CW Gold Supreme cameras. Hasselblad rose to prominence as a result of technological advancements made in military photography during World War II. Following the conflict, NASA began making design requests, as it was the agency’s camera of choice for space missions (it even joined the Apollo 11 crew on the moon).

Two of the limited edition 503CW Gold Supreme cameras were customized using red leatherette: one remains in the Hasselblad factory museum, and the other was just sold on eBay for $16,000. The bespoke camera also features gold trim around the body, even on the hotshoe (where the flash attaches). The last publicly sold Gold Supreme was snapped up in 2014. Take a look at some detail shots of the camera below. If you’d like to buy a 503CW Gold Supreme, without the custom touches, click here.

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