So, Uh, Race Car Drivers Are Getting Into Car Fights Now

Forget fisticuffs. Watch these guys go full demolition derby.

July 25, 2016 9:00 am

Earlier this month, two NASCAR drivers — John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher — were fined for getting into an on-track fistfight at the Camping World Truck series.

The scuffle is going down as the most embarrassing fight in NASCAR history. Mostly because the lack of actual punches thrown. It’s hard to watch. One dude even tried to to pull a real-life DDT.

Townley-Gallagher FightThe most embarrassing fight in NASCAR history?3:21

But if you think that’s indication that you could take a race car driver in a fistfight, another on-track confrontation at South Carolina’s infamous Bowman-Gray racetrack warns that you’ll never take them in a car fight.

Bowman-Gray FightDon’t cross a pro driver on the track.1:17

This one went down a few weeks earlier, when short-track racer Robbie Brewer sent leader John Holleman spinning with a gentle love tap from the back. Holleman retaliated, and the two drivers ended up taking into the infield, where they continued to ram into each other, demolition derby style.

They say short tracks breed short tempers.

They must be right.

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