Perfectly Rectangular Iceberg Discovered in Antarctica

The sheet of ice appears to have near-perfect right angles.

rectangular iceberg
A tabular iceberg floats near the coast of West Antarctica as seen from a window of a NASA Operation IceBridge airplane (Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Getty Images

NASA has discovered a rectangular iceberg in Antarctica with such precise angles that it looks as if it could have been intentionally cut.

But NASA is reassuring the general public that the oddly precise berg is not a supernatural phenomenon. Unfortunately, there is a much more sobering explanation.

It’s called a tabular iceberg and is identified by its uniquely proportionate shape and steep, almost vertical sides.

The iceberg was discovered as part of a NASA’s Operation IceBridge, a mission to capture images of Earth’s polar regions to better understand the makeup of its ice and how it’s changing over the years. This iceberg likely calved off of a larger slab — a phenomenon caused by climate change, Forbes reported.

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