Seeing Earth from Space Changes Your Outlook on the World

July 12, 2016 9:00 am

Imagine looking out the window of an airplane while it’s flying. It can remind you can how big Earth is and how small we, as humans, really are. Now, imagine looking out of the window from a rocket as it hurtles away from Earth. Think about how transformative that would be on your life perspective. There’s actually a name for this phenomenon: the “overview effect.” Astronauts since the Apollo missions have described a cognitive shift in awareness–feeling in complete awe of our planet and a profound understanding of life’s interconnectedness. A short film, appropriately titled “Overview,” chronicles this phenomenon for five astronauts. It explores the effect itself and its wider implications for the still earthbound. The 20-minute film features interviews with the astronauts, original footage from Apollo mission, and some stunning shots of the Big Blue Marble.

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