The Most Ridiculous Items Turned Into Tradeable NFTs

Toilet paper, Pringles flavors and entire virtual houses are up for grabs in the digital/collectible realm

A representation of non-fungible tokens and digital art
The popularity of NFTs has exploded in the last month
Holly Harry/Getty Images

We’ve covered non-fungible tokens (NFTs) recently, so if you need an explanation first on this latest tech/art/collectible craze, read up.

And though we say “ridiculous” in our headline, we’re not actually mocking this … for the most part. A lot of these pieces of digital art are making money for their creators, and some of the examples are really interesting! And as someone who plays video games that frequently ask for real-world money so you can dress your virtual world avatar, who am I to judge this new form of virtual-world collectible?

It appears non-fungible tokens are now reaching a wider audience; search volumes for NFTs just hit an all-time high on Google. Below, we spotlight a few of the more outlandish examples of this new digital trend that aren’t NBA Top Shot or Jack Dorsey’s first tweet (or twerking Pepe). Note: You can find several of these NFTs on the tokenized artwork site Rarible.

Gucci NFT sneakers
Gucci NFT sneakers

Gucci NFT Sneakers

Gucci is in on the non-fungible token product game, debuting a $12 pair of shoes in collaboration with the fashion/tech brand Wanna. No, you can’t actually wear these. There are apparently unlimited numbers of these, but there might be something in the works to increase the value of these non-wearable kicks.

Charmin NFTP

“The world’s first Non-Fungible Toilet Paper” is not something you think you’d want to bring into the bathroom, but Charmin’s virtual rolls do arrive with a physical display and a good cause, ahem, “behind” it: All proceeds are being donated to the non-profit Direct Relief.

The Rarity page for Chef Logan's Dinner for One NFT
The Rarity page for Chef Logan’s Dinner for One NFT

Chef Logan’s Dinner for One

More like dinner for none. “A vinegar lemon ice cream with radish oranges and poblano pepper and pickled ginger, a grilled Gulf Oyster with butter sweet corn cream peppers and fried candied corn silk, followed by pan seared wild salmon on a nest of fennel and pear with a horseradish cream and topped with steel head caviar from Tennessee.” You can’t actually eat Chef Logan Guleff’s meal (he’s 18, by the way), but I guess food porn has a new digital outlet.

ATARI SNEAKER PONG edition by Blenderdac
Atari and RTFKT’s digital sneaker collab
Accesswire / Atari

Atari Sneaker Pong

I actually wouldn’t want to wear these, but I do think these Pong inspired sneakers are kind of outlandishly cool to look at. Currently five in stock.

Mars House

The world’s first NFT digital house, this crypto home is supposed to “omit a zen, healing atmosphere.” And the house — which just sold for over half a million dollars — arrives with a digital musical accompaniment by Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Pringles CryptoCrisp

“The first virtual NFT flavor. Can you taste it? No. Can you enjoy it? Yes.” Just 50 of these golden cans are available, the creation of artist Vasya Kolotusha.

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