New Zealand is Asking Visitors to Sign This Pledge

The country is known for its strict environmental rules.

New Zealand
New Zealand is taking precautions when it comes to its natural beauty and the threat of tourists.
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New Zealand is asking any visitors to the country to sign a pledge and participate in a vigorous screening procedure to ensure they’re not carrying any outside plants or foods that could pose a threat to the environment.

Tourists and travelers are being asked by the government to sign what’s called a “Tiaki Promise,” swearing to be “good stewards” to the New Zealand environment during their stay, CNN reported.

“The idea of tourism in New Zealand is bigger than the border process,” CEO of Tourism New Zealand, Stephen England-Hall, explained to CNN.

“Tiaki” means “to guard” in the country’s native Māori language; it’s the principle of being responsible for the land. The promise is a request from New Zealand’s officials that visitors consider the toll humanity can have on the environment and to be as respectful as possible.

Nature is of exceedingly high value to the Kiwis, and it’s proximity to the nation’s people is considered one of the primary reasons why New Zealand finished eighth in a recent ranking of the world’s happiest countries.

Any potential travelers can check out the promise ahead of vacationing by going on Tourism New Zealand’s website.

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