Why Did Drone Swarms Appear in the Midwest Last Year?

Mysteries inside of mysteries

Mysterious drones spark even more mysteries.
Karl Greif/Unsplash

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion of data on UFOs that’s become widely available via government agencies. As strange as this sounds, though, UFOs aren’t the only mysterious flying devices that have haunted and baffled people across the country in recent years. In the winter of 2019-20, residents of 3 Midwestern states say that they saw a copious number of fast-moving drones, their agenda unknown. Over a year later, it remains unclear where these drones came from or what they were doing. And in an added twist, it’s also possible that they never existed.

At The Guardian, Amelia Tait explored the mystery of these drones — and the larger mysteries surrounding them. The article opens with an account of fast-moving drones seen in the skies over Morgan County, Colorado one night. People living in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska all saw bizarre sights.

“[R]esidents of the three states were perturbed by multiple sightings of numerous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with wingspans of up to 6ft flying between 6pm and 10pm in grid formations,” writes Tait. Soon enough, though, the drones had vanished from the skies, never to return.

The Air Force, FAA and FBI were all involved with an investigation that turned up nothing. Theories as to what happened abound — ranging from mass hysteria to top-secret technology being tested. At this point, the mystery itself has become as much of a narrative as the drones, if not more so.

“Are drones the new UFOs?” Tait asks over the course of the article. That leads to another, even more ominous, question: what happens when there’s no fundamental difference between the two?

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