194 McDonald’s Restaurants Are Now U.S. Embassy Outposts

If you need help in Austria, just look for the Golden Arches

All McDonald's Restaurants in Austria Are U.S. Embassy Outposts
In distress in Austria? All of their McDonald's branches are now U.S. embassy outposts.
Niver Vega/Unsplash

It’s always interesting to check out McDonald’s branches in other countries to see how their menus differ from the U.S. In Austria, for instance, their offerings includes things like nacho cheese bites, mango McFlurries and, as of Wednesday, a hotline to the U.S. embassy.

The fast-food chain and U.S. Department of State signed an agreement, going into effect on May 15, that all 194 McDonald’s branches in Austria will act as U.S. embassy outposts.

How will the fry cooks help out American citizens? According to the BBC, there will be a 24-hour hotline to the embassy at every McD’s, but they’ll also help call the police or emergency services if need be. Whether Americans are simply in distress or find their passports missing, the staff will help them get in touch with the embassy.

The person behind the initiative (and clever marketing move) is U.S. ambassador Trevor Traina, who signed the Memorandum of Agreement with Isabelle Kuster, McDonald’s Austrian managing director, on May 10th.

Don’t think it has anything to do with business? Check out the strategically placed McCafe logo in the U.S. Embassy Vienna’s Facebook post below:

Facebook users were quick to point out the humor in the situation, but the embassy is taking the partnership seriously.

“The embassy said it was ensuring that American citizens had every option available to get in touch when in need – ‘the #1 duty of every embassy around the world,’” writes the BBC.

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