New York City Robber Tries (and Fails) to Hit Six Banks in the Same Day

December 10, 2016 5:00 am

You know what they say: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” One would-be New York City thief, 38-year-old Alex Garcia, must’ve taken that quote to heart, when he attempted to rob six Manhattan banks in the same day, coming up short every single time.

At noon on Dec. 5, Garcia entered Apple Bank on Seventh Avenue and West 31st Street in Manhattan—a bank he’d successfully robbed of $1,000 the previous week—but tellers recognized him and immediately tripped the alarm. Garcia took off. He then rolled the dice two hours later at Valley National Bank on Fifth Ave. and 31st St.; 15 minutes after that at a Capitol One on Park Ave. and East 58th St.; 30 minutes later, at an HSBC on Park Ave. and 46th St.; then, a Chase Bank at Lexington Ave. and East 72nd St.; and finally, another Chase location at Second Ave. and East 86th St. But he walked away with nothing—not even a penny.



According to the New York Post, Garcia has amassed 56 priors for a litany of charges, including drugs, petit larceny, and trespass. (So he’s clearly been busy.) As far as we can tell, he still hasn’t been caught, so if you happen to be at a Manhattan bank in the next few days, and you see a guy struggling to rob it, it’s likely Garcia.

Read the NYPD’s full “Wanted” post about the suspect here.

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