Here’s to You, Guy Who Paid the DMV in Wheelbarrows Full of Pennies

Nick Stafford is a real man of genius

January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Nick Stafford is a Virginia man who recently took five wheelbarrows full of 300,000 pennies weighing 1,600 pounds to a DWV to pay the sales tax on two new cars.

We could only think of one appropriate way to salute this sage and admirable man:

Today, we salute you, Mr. Uses-wheelbarrows-full-of-pennies-for-his-parking-tickets Man. Like a scholar of Hammurabi’s Code, you made an entity that has wasted countless hours of our time, waste countless hours of their own time. It’s only fair that those DMV employees had to count each of your pennies one by one, because, after all, that’s exactly how you earned them. So crack open a nice cold Bud Light, Mr. Uses-wheelbarrows-full-of-pennies-for-his-parking-tickets Man. We think you showed a lot of cents.

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