Man Gets a Prosthetic Arm Tattoo Gun

January 4, 2017 5:00 am
Prosthetic Arm Tattoo Gun


French artist Jean-Louis Gonzal specializes in pieces that look like they were stolen from the set of a Nine Inch Nails video. But recently, he lent a hand to a friend—literally.

Gonzal, as he’s known professionally, created a special prosthetic arm for his friend J.C. Sheitan Tenet, who makes his living as a tattoo artist.

According to Great Big Story, Tenet, 32, lost his arm when he was just 10 years old. Having later gotten interested in tattoo art, he met Gonzal at a convention. Tenet soon hit up Gonzal with his prosthetic arm tattoo gun idea. Gonzal took the challenge almost immediately.

The prosthetic arm tattoo gun attaches right below Tenet’s elbow on his own heavily tattooed arm. Once secured, it can pivot 360 degrees. Tenet hopes to receive a second prosthetic arm tattoo gun from Gonzal sometime in the future.

For now, Tenet uses his one-of-a-kind arm to add colors and “stylistic things” to the tattoos he puts on others.

For more on Gonzal’s unique art, go here. Check out J.C. Sheitan Tenet’s work on Instagram.

Below, watch a short video featuring the two artists and their story.

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