Lyft Is Beginning to Spread Into Public Transportation

The ride-share company has some wild ideas about its future.

Lyft sexual assault
Lyft is being accused of doing nothing to address its sexual assault problem
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As the ride-sharing company’s ambitions continue to grow, Lyft is taking its first baby steps in the world of public transportation. According a story in Wired, Lyft users in Santa Monica next week will see a “Nearby Transit” option, which will help users navigate public transportation routes and schedules.

Though this test may seem contrary to Lyft’s bottom line which involves getting people to pay for car rides, it is part of a larger effort by the tech giant to infiltrate every mode of city transportation. Lyft president John Zimmer wants Lyft to eventually be the only app users consider when they want to travel, regardless of whether they know yet if they prefer a car, a train, a bus, or even a bike.

As Wired puts it, Lyft wants to be the “ultimate transportation middleman.” Lyft is also considering the rollout of a subscription model, one that would likely be accompanied by an arsenal of transportation options that goes far beyond the simple ride-share.

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