All-Electric Lamborghini Concepts Offer Glimpse of the Future of Hypercars

Design studio mocked up three Lamborghini Pura models that would be both fast and eco-friendly.

Lamborghini’s Terzo Millennio Concept treated us nicely with an amazing glimpse at what an all-electric hypercar from the Raging Bull might look like. But that EV now faces stiff competition in these new Lamborghini Pura concepts.  Fernando Pastre Fertonani of Brazil’s NOI Design Studio seems to have been inspired by the slick, angular styling of contemporary models like the Huracan and Aventador in creating three different, but all striking, eco-friendly cars.

The Lamborghini Pura Concept 2022 is covered in a shimmering silver coat and has glass panels that merge with the body paint to create a unified aesthetic. Fertonani’s whited-out Pura SuperVeloce Concept 2022 meanwhile seems to channel the powerful Aventador SV. And then there’s the Pura Blackbull Edition, which speaks for itself.

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