‘Julius Caesar’ Performance Interrupted by Trump Supporting Protesters

Shakespeare in the Park production has been controversial for assassination scene.

June 17, 2017 1:43 pm

There was more drama than usual at Friday night’s performance of The New York Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park.

A performance of the controversial production of Julius Caesar, which reimagines the titular Roman leader as Donald Trump, was briefly interrupted by two right-wing protesters upset about the depiction.

One of them, Laura Loomer, an alt-right website blogger, was arrested after running on to the stage. The crowd booed as she was subdued by security—though not before screaming that the production was responsible for the shooting of the Republican congressional baseball team in Virginia earlier in the week.

The stunt was filmed by her friend, conservative conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec, who screamed, “Goebbels would be proud” at the audience.

Amid backlash, Delta and Bank of America pulled their corporate sponsorships of the Public Theater’s latest Shakespeare in the Park entry. As RealClearLife previously reported, the play features a graphic assassination scene, and has incited controversy among supporters of the president.

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