Intel Sends 500 Drones Into the Air, Creates Beautiful Light Show

November 14, 2016 5:00 am

Intel is quickly becoming the world leader in drone-assisted light shows.

Last year, the company set a Guinness World Record by unleashing a hundred drones into the sky, creating an astonishing musical light display.

This year they managed to outdo themselves. By a multiple of five.

Rather than a mere 100 drones, the brains at Intel built brand-new “shooting star drones” that worked in concert to create three-dimensional shapes with impressive precision.

They even spelled out “Intel” and “500” in the sky. How?

“We run through a simulation on a laptop, see how it works, and then load it onto the drones with a click of a button,” explains Natalie Cheung, drone light show business director.

And with enhanced software, the Intel crew was able to have drones fly as close as five feet from each other—a dramatic improvement over the 20-feet-between-drones setup they employed last year. This allowed them to create brighter and more detailed images.

To bask in the wonder of synchronized aerial drones, check out the video below.

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