We Could Be Getting ‘High-Definition’ Vinyl as Soon as Next Year

Because everyone loves vinyl for its crystal clear sound

April 13, 2018 9:00 am

Austrian startup Rebeat Innovation recently received $4.8 million in funding to advance their vision of “high-definition” vinyl, and the latest news is that it could be in the stacks as soon as next year.

Rebeat uses a patent (filed in 2016) that, true to the times, uses 3D-mapping and a very expensive laser-engraving system to create the final ( er, “vinyl”) product. It all begs the question … Why? Or, more accurately: What’s the point of having multiple music formats if there are fewer and fewer distinctions between them? I’m not a purist, but do have a collection, and enjoy the aural texture of vinyl as well as the interactivity of flipping and changing records.

But there are some apparent pros, as reported by Verge: 30% longer playing time and 30% louder volume and yeah, even higher fidelity (in speaker-speak, as little distortion from the original as possible). Nothing wrong with that, or with evolving the manufacturing methods of a resurging technology. Especially when the new processes reduce or eliminate the toxic chemicals used in tradition vinyl manufacture.

The records will be compatible with all turntables, but the brand does plan to develop their own line of HD turntables down the line.

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