Wanna Win the Apocalypse? Use These Blades.

Hand-forged blades to help you survive zombies, kitchens

May 18, 2017 9:00 am

Put down that artisanal coffee for a moment, office warrior.

Time to get your hands dirty.

Because we just found a cutlery company that hand-forges battleaxes out of used railroad spikes.

It’s just one of 30 tomahawks, axes and cleavers crafted by Carter & Son Forge, a Texas smithy that specializes in red-blooded American blades of all shapes and sizes.

Let’s start with that tomahawk. Built from hardwood and a solid steel railroad spike, this throwing ‘hawk/camping axe offers a wide, bearded edge for “chopping, slashing and zombie cutting potential.”

Besides tomahawks, Carter also crafts includes meat cleavers, pocket knives and one seriously bad-ass cheese knife. Don’t sleep on the carbon steel herb chopper, either (below).

For some of the blades, you can choose the handle’s hardwood (walnut, red oak, etc.), most of which is native to Texas. With a few items, like the Viking Hatchet, you can get a custom grind (asymmetrical, convex, flat grind, etc.). Several of the items also come with an optional leather sheath.

Because they’re handcrafted, most C&SF products require 3-5 weeks of lead time.

So chop chop.

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