Got $11.8 Million? The Infamous Fyre Festival Island Is Up for Sale.

As with all things Fyre related, there are caveats

Got $11.8 Million? The Infamous Fyre Festival Island Is Up for Sale.

Remember this thing?

It’s the promotional video that Billy McFarland, Ja Rule and friends dropped back in early 2017 to announce something called Fyre Festival. It might as well be a deleted scene from the Entourage movie, with intercut scenes of Ja knocking back bottles of rum, ambiguous DJs and ladies named Jenner and Hadid cruising around on jet-skis. It helped Billy and Ja sell a whole lot of tickets, and still exists on YouTube as an unsettling memorial to the dangers of believing everything you see on the internet.

The video can serve a more useful purpose though, these days. The island featured in it is a real, legitimate place, and it’s currently up for sale. Called Saddleback Cay, it’s one of 365 islands in the Exumas, and offers seven beaches across 35 acres, along with a protected bay and access by air to New Providence. Unsurprisingly, the Fyre Fest geniuses never actually planned to host their music festival here: that happened (if you can even say “happened”) at the larger, far more developed Norman’s Cay.

But the fact that they chose to film their promotional video here, of all islands, does say a lot. It’s as photogenic as a chunk of land can get.

If you’re interested, take note that the property comes with some baggage. The current owner has the island tied to a company, and purchasing it may involved buying into a portion of the company, and considering development on the land.

Oh, and heads up, Pablo Escobar did not own this island. Billy McFarland, if it’s not yet clear, is quite the fabulist.

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