Gay Penguins Welcome Baby Chick, Overwhelm Adoring Internet

The penguin chick is Sphen and Magic's first together.

A gay penguin couple welcomed their new baby chick in Sydney on Friday.
Getty Images

A same-sex penguin couple in Sydney nearly broke the internet when news that their baby chick had finally hatched was shared on Friday.

The happy pair, Sphen and Magic, successfully incubated an egg together at the Sydney aquarium, which was donated by a penguin couple that had two and just enough time to focus on one, The Independent reported. The baby’s name is Sphengic.

“Both dads are doing well,” the aquarium shared on Twitter.

We won’t know if the adorable little hatchling is a boy or a girl for two months, which is, evidently, normal in the penguin world.

Likes and notes of congratulations from adoring fans across the world flooded the aquarium’s various social media platforms, totaling nearly 8,000 on the aquarium’s Twitter post alone.

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