This Futuristic Mask Will Filter Out Air Pollution For Adventurers

The mask introduced at CES 2019 filters out pollutants like bacteria and pollen.

A mask that filters out air pollution could help keep bikers and hikers' lungs safe in polluted areas. (R-PUR)

Urban athletes and explorers will soon have a futuristic way of keeping their lungs clear while trekking through major metropolitan areas that have pollution and air quality issues.

The new mask was revealed by French company R-Pur at CES 2019 and was made available through Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website.

The mask, according to Digital Trends, “filters out harmful air pollutants like toxic particles, fine particles and diesel, pollen, and viruses and bacteria using a nano filtration system that blocks particles that are between 10 microns and 0.04 microns in size. This makes it one of the most effective air filtration systems out there, as most European protection masks only filter particles of down to 0.4 microns in size.”

The mask is designed so that users won’t have their goggles or visor misted and has lights on the side that change color based on the surrounding air quality.

A smartphone app is also available for download that lets you know how long your air filter will last and informs you about the quality of air in a given area.

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