New Adaptation of ‘Friday Night Lights’ Could Be Coming to TV

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose": coming back?

friday night lights
Friday Night Lights (Imdb)

Friday Night Lights was both a film directed by Peter Berg and a TV show remake that aired on NBC. Both are beloved and though the show was a bit more popular than the movie—who doesn’t love Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton?—they both had huge fan bases. Which is why, GQ writes, Hollywood executives are considering remaking it. But GQ doesn’t think it would be a very good idea.

This second reboot of the book of the same name by Buzz Bissinger, to be directed by David Gordon Green, may find it hard to draw in new or former fans, GQ writes.  This especially true, since movie and first TV series were so popular. The TV show expanded past the scope of the book, and got deep into issues with class and race that the movie didn’t have time for. GQ also worries that Green, known for comic masterpieces like Pineapple Express, is going to try to turn it into a comedy, which may not do well.

There is a possibility it could be good—there is a lot to look at in terms of America’s relationship with sports in general and football in particular, GQ says. But here’s hoping that if the remake is made, everyone involved goes into it with clear eyes and full hearts.

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