GoPro Transformed Into a Mini-Drone Provides Stunning Footage

Award-winning invention mimics experience of flying through treetops.

September 16, 2017 5:00 am

Robert McIntosh transformed his GoPro into a tiny drone and took it for a spin, gathering stunning footage of Venice Beach, in Los Angeles, California.

Go Pro talked to the inventor, who won an award from the company, about the custom-built mini drone, which uses stabilization software he helped create, ReelSteady.

First, he stripped as much weight from the Go Pro as possible, and then glued two inch propellers to the motors. The whole device only weighs 120 grams.

McIntosh says that he liked the fact that the viewer feels like they are the drone, or at least they are the person flying it. The smaller drones give viewers that thrill. The downside: a drone this small can only fly for a few minutes before the battery dies and the device is very susceptible to wind.

Watch the footage from the tiny Go Pro above.

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