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Shelly Glascock, aka The Pistol Club

By The Editors
November 4, 2015 9:00 am

What you probably wouldn’t expect is pics of beautiful women, vintage clothes and new-era feminism.

The Pistol Club is the handle of one Shelly Glascock. Her Instagram is chock full of throwback babes, and her Venice Beach boutique of the same name is a haven for vintage finds for your favorite L.A. lady. We popped by with some Blue Star Donuts for a chat.

InsideHook: Where’d the name Pistol Club come from?

Shelly Glascock: In the South, a pistol is a girl that’s kind of, um, dynamite. Unpredictable. And my dad’s nickname was the Crystal Pistol in high school. So I was Crystal Pistol Vintage. Then I took off the crystal part and made The Pistol Club.

IH: What’s your favorite stuff in the store right now?

SG: Always high-waisted denim — ‘70s denim is my favorite. And really kitschy T-shirts that have funny sayings on them. My favorite one being: The Answer Is No, but Don’t Stop Asking in iron-on felt letters. Had to keep it.

IH: Your Instagram has a ton of great vintage celebrity photos — mostly of women in various states of undress. What’s the inspiration there?

SG: I feel like there’s a new wave of feminism where if we can see humor and also the beauty of the female form, especially in vintage pictures, then that’s taking away the power of objectifying (women). If we can laugh at them and also recognize that, hey, that’s a nice ass or a nice set of tits, that’s taking it back, right? That’s taking back the power.

IH: What was your dream job as a kid?

SG: I wanted to be a QVC presenter. I was an only child, so I had a lot of time on my hands, and so I would set the tripod up and do fake QVC shows. I’d be like, “This doll has beautiful green eyes,” and this would go on for hours — just me talking, pretty much to myself. So I guess I’ve kind of achieved what I was dreaming to do.

IH: Time for the important questions. Biggie or Tupac?

SG: Tupac.

IH: Is that a West Coast thing?

SG: Biggie was a badass, but Tupac was hot. I would get down with Tupac. And I’m a really big fan of bandannas.

IH: Favorite Muppet?

SG: Animal! He’s a male pistol. I can get drunk with Animal.

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