New Fly Rods, Reels Let You Fish Like Ernest Hemingway

Would you like some literary history with your fly fishing?

Ernest Hemingway with Fisher and Marlin
Ernest Hemingway stands with a fishing rod and a marlin, while Captain Joe Russell looks on.
CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Ernext Hemingway didn’t just write about fishing — he was also an enthusiastic fisherman himself. It’s one of several contributing factors to his larger-than-life persona and his enduring cultural legacy. Besides his literary work and his time spent in the outdoors, Hemingway has also become something of a style icon. Which may be why his great-grandson, Patrick Hemingway Adams, is now involved in a venture to bring updated versions of Hemingway’s fishing gear to the outdoors-minded.

Writing at The Wall Street Journal, John Clarke has more details on the launch of the Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection. The Collection is currently taking signups for pre-release information; its website touts “[s]altwater bamboo fly rods, reels, stand-up paddle boards, and inshore fishing boats.”

Based on the Wall Street Journal‘s article, the items in the Collection take a disparate approach to evoking Hemingway. Clarke notes that the design of the Inshore Collection’s fly rods — priced at $2,700 — evokes the fly rods Hemingway used. The fly reels — $1,200 apiece — come via the Italian company Everol, whose devices were particular favorites of the late author.

The Collection doesn’t just involve high-end fishing gear; there’s also the  Hemingway Classic 20 by Willy Roberts Boats ($95,000), which features a poling platform and both mahogany and Kevlar used in its construction.

There’s no word on whether a typewriter is included, or if the logical next step is for a Norman MacLean-branded fly fishing collection. One can always hope.

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