‘Firefall’ Returns to Dazzle Yosemite National Park

February 16, 2017 11:44 am

Visitors in Yosemite National Park don’t see it every February, but the “Yosemite Firefall” is a natural phenomenon worth planning a trip around.

During the last two weeks of the month, the angle of the setting sun illuminates the waters of Horsetail Falls, which only pour over the cliff side of El Capitan in the winter and early spring. The brilliant reds and oranges give viewers the illusion that lava is pouring out of the granite, and viewers say it’s a sight that photos don’t do justice.



Per CNET, Ray Lee, a photographer who recently shot the event, said, “It is something that one has to see in person….It has been on my bucket list for a long time and I was lucky enough to witness it these past two years.”

The waterfall is particularly strong this year due to heavy rainfall, National Park Service spokesman Scott Gedima told CNN. Anyone hoping to catch a glimpse (or a photo) only has about 10 minutes to do so at sunset, and snagging a prime spot is competitive; some photographers have begun to set up for the event beginning at 5 a.m., Mother Nature Network reports.

Check out Mother Nature’s beautiful show below. Learn more about how to see the event in person by visiting the National Park Service here.

—RealClearLife Staff

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